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Recent Articles on Economics

Netflix: Job Killer. Job Creator. (By: Frank Yunker) February 08, 2018

How has Netflix changed the home movie industry? Let's look at it from employment. After a movie got produced, someone had to make VHS copies. But how many? 1000? 1 million? And then they have to be distributed across the nation ...

Economics News
** Walmart shares dive as e-commerce growth slowsn **
** Mines linked to child labor are thriving in the rush for car batteries **
** Opinion | Germany set out to delete hate speech online. Instead, it made things worse. **
** Some fear California drought cuts could erase water rights **
** Fed Chairman Jerome Powell taps two monetary policy specialists as advisers **
Alaska's oil dividend as a natural experiment in universal basic income, by BenLeubsdorf
Will Automation Kill Our Jobs?
Fed Chairman Powell taps two monetary policy specialists as advisers
ICYMI, fallout from Treasury's major sanction against Latvia's ABLV Bank--the go-to laundromat for oligarchs--inclu...
The Office of Financial Research was supposed to serve as an early warning system for financial market storms....


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