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Recent Articles on Economics

Minimum Wage Laws and Technological Innovations (By: Frank Yunker) September 21, 2017

Minimum wage laws are having direct impact on fast food restaurants. Now we have kiosks to order our food. Or maybe there's an App to place your order. Technology pushes out jobs and minimum wage laws push technology in. Let's ...

A short history of Venezuelan Socialism (By: Frank Yunker) September 14, 2017

I have been following Venezuela in the news for a long time. Hugo Chavez brought his Bolivarian Revolution with him when he was elected President of Venezuela in 1999. The Bolivarian Revolution is not unique. It’s socialism ...

Hurricane Economics (By: Frank Yunker) September 07, 2017

Hurricane Harvey is barely over and now we have Hurricane Irma. Everyone knows it’s coming. Newspapers are filing reports of generator sales all over Florida. Home Depot’s distribution network is poised to deliver more goods ...

The Teacher Strike in Peru (By: Frank Yunker) August 31, 2017

The Peruvian teacher strike is winding down now that the Kuczynski government is offering the teachers an immediate raise, effective in November rather than next year. The news from Peru does not reach America so readily. This ...

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