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Amsterdam sesquicentennial (By: Bob Cudmore) June 25, 2016

Sixty-two years ago, Amsterdam had a celebration By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 06-25-06 Amsterdam observed its 150th birthday with a ten-division parade and other celebrations in July 1954. The sesquicentennial ...

Local News
36,574 dead, 103,234 wounded. Often lost in history, Korean War started 66 years ago today. editorial:
Bernie2016 in Albany sounded like a man ready to pass the torch:
Last night I spoke with about the lead bill I worked on with
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SaratogaSprings community farm vision to be detailed on Sunday PitneyFarm
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NYS is spending $125M—$326,371/job—but won't answer questions?
Watching the brexit vote gives me some small idea of the powerless horror the rest of the world must feel every time the US votes for prez.","truncated":false,"
Breaking: The police officer facing the most serious charges for death of Freddie Gray - including murder - acquitted on all charges.","truncated":false,"entiti
This week's blog looks at an ironing stove from Mt Lebanon, ca. 1840. Read more:
Rummy endorses Trump. Does he agree with Trump that he and his colleagues lied the country into war and are therefore traitors? WeirdTimes","truncated":false,"e


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