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Tragic Central Bridge fire (By: Bob Cudmore) April 23, 2016

Central Bridge barbershop fire claimed seven lives By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 04-23-16 An early morning blaze in a building housing living quarters and a Central Bridge barber shop claimed the lives ...

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Federal prosecutors are probing former aide Joe Percoco & others over undisclosed conflicts of interest n
So are you saying there is more that unites them than divides them?
We got in our car and all checked our shoes thinking we'd stepped on dog poop! 518Funk","entities":{"hashtags":[{"
NYS ruralbroadband initiative on target for 2018 finish Adirondacks
Former House Speaker John Boehner calls Ted Cruz Lucifer In The Flesh.”
. on subpoenas of City Hall
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Landmark Schenectady restaurant reopening Monday.n
Fire destroys garage and several vehicles in Esperance on Wednesday, no injuries reported. More later at
From the Editorial Board: "Giving up US oilandgas production would have huge costs. Is it worth it? No."
Adirondacks: plan encourages recreation at Essex Chain; thoughts turn to BoreasPonds:


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