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Oneida Nation supported the rebels (By: Bob Cudmore) May 16, 2015

The Oneida Nation supported the rebels By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 05-16-15 James Kirby Martin, a history professor at the University of Houston, traces his interest in the Mohawk Valley to his birthplace ...

The Umbrella Revolution and the War of Two Systems (By: Frank Yunker) May 21, 2015

Hong Kong is well-known for its economic freedom index. It is one of the most economically-free regions of the world. It is difficult to say Hong Kong is a country since Chine claims ownership. But, China agreed to a “one country ...

Local News
** . graduates hit the ground running, ceremony uses social media to ‘embrace the moment' **
** Company takes aim at medical marijuana license for Tryon facility **
1,436 acres in three area towns added to state Forest Preserve
Sawyer makes the rounds as 'Voice' champion
Schenectady jeweler to relocate on Jay Street pedestrian walkway after fatal fire across from City Hall on March 6
A summit on government transparency that's a secret? Only in the Cuomo administration. Right to Know blog:
An Amber Alert issued overnight in Schenectady for a young child was canceled by 4 a.m.
GeneralElectric unveils digital wind farm with turbines that can now share information
The winner of TheVoice is...Fultonville, NY's Congrats, we're so proud of you! VoiceFinale
Half of college graduates expect to be supported by their families
Peter Feinman: The State of the Municipal Historian
Schenectady police officer to person barricaded in Avenue A home: Your Mom should be here any minute!
Remains of Schenectady woman Shelby Countermine, 24, found in Coeymans Thursday
Today's show is up:
California: Assembly Approves Bill To Help Corinthian Colleges Students
Trying to think of a worse idea than federally mandated % of classes taught by tenure-track and...nope
10 more Schenectady buildings to be demolished, including two on State Street, announced today
TV food star, Gov. Cuomo's girlfriend Sandra Lee has breast cancer surgery in NYC
When celebs get community service it's the rest of us who are punished


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