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Summers past in the Mohawk Valley (By: Bob Cudmore) July 04, 2015

Summers past in the Mohawk Valley By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 07-04-15 The summer of 1780 was not peaceful in the Mohawk Valley--the American Revolution was underway. The British and their Mohawk allies ...

The Economic Impact of Illegal Aliens (By: Frank Yunker) July 02, 2015

The Supreme Court has been all over the news this week, but the media has largely ignored the ruling on voter identification. The Court threw out the appeal (from Arizona and Kansas) that require voters to prove their citizenship ...

Local News
** I believe the practice is known as yarn bombing. Check w the TU's knitting blog folks. **
ATV driver allegedly drunk with infant on lap in Guilderland
Schenectady schools expect to get more state aid
Not a slick move: Ban on fracking an insult to those willing to work in oil fields
"journalism has died in this country..." Binghamton Press Launches Crafty Campaign Against LPG
Re Bobby Kennedy (Gov. Cuomo's ''fracking'' advisor): "California, Camelot and Vaccines"
EDITORIAL: The unholy lunacy of Israel-bashing churches
** Albany area communities study future of 787 highway - Times Union **
Never underestimate 's capacity to fritter away commanding natural advantages with poor judgment
MORE DETAILS: Fire strikes loading dock at Schenectady High School:
Grouchy fan response to not limited to just griping. Following up last week's column:
My story of 2 biz. w/ knickers in a twist: Bra war shakes foundation trade in Albany New York region
What you never knew about 'America the Beautiful'
Why July 4 is the birthday of American exceptionalism
Governor Cuomo, stop meddling in the minimum wage (Editorial)
Try this one:
The fringe anti-fracking zealots have managed to seize control of the NYState government..''
2 cars crash into Niskayuna house
One man was injured in the crash; he was taken in an ambulance towards Albany. More:
David Paterson for mayor?
Mechanicville man accused of sending indecent images to minor:
Brilliant document: Declaring independence: ‘... deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed'
Hillary's Email Story Unravels
Puerto Rico: America's Greece
George Marlin: Nassau's IDA is "giving away the store.''
Schenectady teen accused of blowing out window with explosive
ICYMI tonight and Saturday
Before Schenectady Planning Commission OKs revised casino design, it must weigh public comments. editorial:
Warrior Project promotes right things at Niskayuna High School
Cohoes man accused of stealing $30G from brother:
Today's column: What kind of chief will Brendan Cox be? He may have given a hint last week. AlbanyNY
Schenectady schools chief gets no answers in meeting w/ feds, aid complaint investigation ongoing
Schenectady teen accused of blowing out window with explosive (possibly an M-80)
New Jersey: The Most Hated State In America, New Poll Says | Basking Ridge, NJ Patch
Amsterdam inventor was the furniture repair man
ECB adds more state-backed agency bonds to its QE program:
Here's a quick tour of what's happening in Puerto Rico, another country warning it can't pay its creditors:
LinkedIn Perks: Be a searchable, tech-savvy and real FinAid expert with a network
A Trip to the Zoo n
Are Part-Timers, Long-Unemployed Throwing in Towel?:
5 Things to Watch on the Economic Calendar
June's jobs report, six years into an economic recovery: n- 223,000 jobs added n- 5.3% jobless rate n- No wage growthn
Because only can write intelligently about zombies & financial aid in one article:
CampusLogic Awarded $250,000 as Winner of Arizona Innovation Challenge
A dog in this town is running for mayor
Gloversville man indicted in YMCA arson:
Democrats cheer Donald Trump's rise in polls
A fresh wave of stimulus from many of the world's largest central banks has failed to raise global inflation:
Rondout National Historic District: A Walking Tour
. to discuss nycasino licenses, commercial gaming rules during meeting on Monday. Details:
Hey, Facts Matter: "Trump donated $43,500 to [Pataki's] gubernatorial campaigns" 2016n


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